Exercise Equipment

What good is wasting hours at the gym if you aren’t using the right workout equipment?

Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2 – Key Differences

Whether you love to exercise or are looking for a new way to motivate yourself, getting a fitness tracker may be the way to go. These multi-function devices allow you to track your progress in fun and inventive ways. You can even hook up with your friends online to...

26 Workout Gifts for Fitness Lovers

As a guy who spends about an hour or more every day at the gym, I find it important to make my personal fitness rituals as enjoyable as possible. Let’s face it – dedicating that much time out of your day to put your body through grueling physical tests of strength...

How do you build a personalized home gym with the right exercise equipment to help you meet your goals? With thousands of gym machine products on the market, it can be stressful finding the ones with the best quality with the functionality you need. MenStyleFitness wants to provide you with quality insight into which workout machines, gear, and toys provide you with the type of workout you are seeking.

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