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Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Seriously though – what the heck do you get for a guy who has it all? For the ultimate tastemaker, the man with impeccable style, the guy who enjoys gifts that are somewhat unusual, we are forced to think “outside the box” to find items he will truly enjoy. Of course this guy doesn’t literally have everything, but it might take something a little more thoughtful than a gift card to Jamba Juice to pique his interest.

I don’t particularly enjoy spending hours trying to think of the perfect gift for someone as it can be stressful, exhausting, and time-consuming. However, I will admit that when I receive a gift that is well thought-out and unexpected, I definitely don’t forget the effort that person made. But with all the gift options out there to choose from, where do you even begin? There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to gift-giving for men who have everything (obviously), which is why our team sat down and organized 52 awesome and unusual gifts.

Whether the recipient of your gift is into fashion, technology, sports, or unique hobbies, we’ve got you covered. Here are 52 best gifts for men who have everything!

Decorative Bookends. Geode Agate Book Ends for Office Décor and Home

1. Decorative Quartz Bookends

Chances are that if you are gift-giving for a man who seemingly has everything, he’s likely an interesting person. Fun fact – interesting people read lots of books! These quartz bookends are a beautiful accent for any bookshelf to organize his reading material.

Buy it now on Amazon: Decorative Quartz Bookends


Whiskey Decanter Globe

2. Globe Whiskey Decanter

A guy who has everything has probably traveled around the world. He probably also has a delicious whiskey or fine tequila selection he enjoys on occasion. Why not store these fine spirits in a decorative decanter resembling a globe to show his appreciation for both traveling and fine drink?

Buy it now on Amazon: Whiskey Globe Decanter

Herschel Supply

3. Herschel Supply Original Backpack

Here’s a classic that will never go out of style. Maybe your man who has everything already has a more formal backpack that he takes to work or on business trips. However, this bag is far more playful, versatile, and durable for everyday use or fun.

Buy it now on Amazon: Herschel Supply Backpack


4. PRIVÉ REVAUX Original Sunglasses

Yes, we know your man already has plenty of sunglasses. But what he probably doesn’t have are these brand-new sunglasses from a premier brand backed by celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Piven. These are a fantastic small gift because they are durable, made from quality material, and less than $30 so he won’t feel bad about them getting damaged or lost.

Buy it now on Amazon:  PRIVÉ REVAUX Original Sunglasses

hot sauce kit

5. Hot Sauce Gift Set

I would honestly love to receive this as a gift. Now, not all men who have everything enjoy hot sauce, but I’m betting that most do. This collection of 7 delicious spicy & hot sauces are suitable for any palette.

Buy it now on Amazon: Fuego Hot Sauce Gift Set

zen garden

6. Zen Garden

Not all men who have everything have inner peace. A Zen garden that can sit on top of one’s desk or counter at home is a wonderful way to help achieve relaxation and meditative thought.

Buy it now on Amazon: Healing Zen Garden

Delsey Luggage

7. Delsey Classic Luggage

This chic Paris-based luggage company offers some of the most durable and minimalist styles made from titanium. I personally received one of these as a gift and still use it today, and it still works as good as new!

Buy it now on Amazon: Delsey Classic Luggage

D & G Light Blue

8. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Cologne

Truly a classic scent. You can’t go wrong with this one – just make sure he doesn’t already have it!

Buy it now on Amazon: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

S’well bottle

9. S’Well Vacuum Insulated Stylish Water Bottle

Although these tend to run a little pricier than most water bottles, they are definitely worth it. S’Well boasts that their products can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for 12 – I can confirm that mine lives up to this promise. Finally, these bottles don’t “sweat” when you fill them with ice-cold water, thus keeping the external temperature easy to handle and manage, regardless of the internal temperature of the water.

Buy it now on Amazon: S’Well Stylish Water Bottle

JBL Flip speaker

10. JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I’ve had my JBL Bluetooth speaker for about 4 years now and it travels with me everywhere I go. Perfect for hotel rooms, going to the beach, hanging out at the park, or even playing tunes at home. The sound quality is incredible given how small the speaker is, and the intuitive design is easy to connect to your phone via Bluetooth technology.

Buy it now on Amazon: JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth Speaker

match green tea kit

11. Matcha Green Tea Gift Set

Drinking Matcha tea is not only beneficial for your health, but a ceremonial practice that is enjoyed traditionally in Japanese culture. This Matcha start-up set provides everything you need to engage in the practice, from the matcha whisk and ceramic glass, to the matcha powder itself.

Buy it now on Amazon: Matcha Green Tea Gift Set

baxter travel kit

12. Baxter of California Luxury Travel Set

Baxter of California makes some of my personal favorite grooming products, from shaving balms to hair pomade. From someone who travels at least once a month, I find this gift extremely useful and thoughtful as it includes most toiletries you need when you’re on the go, all made from high-quality ingredients. This particular set includes a daily face wash, oil-free moisturizer, shave formula, after shave balm, daily protein shampoo, hydro salve lip balm, travel shave brush, pocket comb, and custom travel bag. The best part is that even after the products are used up, your man can continue using the stylish bag for his toiletries!

Buy it now on Amazon: Baxter of California Luxury Travel Set


13. Classic Jimmy iPhone Case

I’ve had my JimmyCase for almost 2 years now and it still holds all my cards and cash as it did when it was brand new! This classic-looking case is simply made from a wood backing, protective plastic around the edges, and an elastic stylish band that holds your cards and cash.

Buy it now on Amazon: Classic Jimmy iPhone Case

David Bowie Decor Queen Size Duvet Cover Set

14. David Bowie Duvet Cover

What could be more oddly specific and tasteful than a David Bowie duvet cover set portraying Bowie’s eyes Ziggy stardust expression? Even if the man who has everything isn’t a huge fan of Bowie, this duvet cover is just flat out cool.

Buy it now on Amazon: David Bowie Duvet Cover Set

Coffee Lover Gift Box

15. Coffee Lover Gift Box

The best part about giving coffee as a gift is that people constantly run out of it. Plus, the assortments of flavors one keeps at home are probably far less exciting than an actual coffeeshop. This arrangement includes Costa Rica Peaberry Coffee, Guatemala Antigua Coffee, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee, and Columbian Supremo Coffee. Although your man who has everything probably already has some basic coffee beans and a drip machine at home, chances are that he will LOVE this unique assortment.

Buy it now on Amazon: Coffee Lover Gift Box

tea kit

16. Complete Blooming Tea Set

If you’re giving a gift to a guy who loves tea, this option is right up his alley. Not only does this tea set include an elegant glass pot with glasses, but it comes with several flowering tea canisters that bloom into beautiful tea flowers once submerged in hot water.

Buy it now on Amazon: Complete Blooming Tea Set

taco bell hoodie

17. Taco Bell Hoodie

Because seriously – who doesn’t love Taco Bell? Give the gift that helps your man show his love for this classic fast-food eatery. Comfortable, classy, and oddly specific.

Buy it now on Amazon: Taco Bell Hoodie

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

18. Whiskey Stones Set

No one likes watery whiskey or diluted fine spirits. Whiskey stones can be stored in one’s freezer and used to provide coolness in fine drinks without watering them down. Perfect for a whiskey, fine tequila, or spirits lover.

Buy it now on Amazon: Whiskey Stones Gift Set

zipper hoodie

19. Bodybuilding Workout Zip-Up Sweatshirt

For the fitness-motivated guy who loves to be comfortable during his workouts, this zip-up workout hoodie is ideal for running, increasing perspiration at the gym, or even just wearing around the house. Super comfortable, slim-fitting, and stylish.

Buy it now on Amazon: Bodybuilding Workout Zip-Up Sweatshirt

jogger pants

20. YoungLA Jogger Sweatpants

Give the gift of ultimate comfort! I’ve had my YoungLA joggers for almost 4 years now and I still wear them to the gym and around the house. They’re form-fitting (but not as tight as leggings), and very stylish.

Buy it now on Amazon: YoungLA Jogger Sweatpants

Ugg Slippers

21. Men’s Ugg Slippers

Did you know that the Australian brand known as Ugg originally designed their boots and slippers for men? The concept was created originally to protect and warm the feet of surfers going to and from the beach. Although this is not an extremely unusual gift for a man who has everything, it will certainly be appreciated as they are by far the most comfortable on the market!

Buy it now on Amazon: Men’s Ugg Slippers

men's robe

22. Plush Decorative Bathrobe for Men

Who wouldn’t love an ultra-plush bathrobe? This design is both fun and uber-comfy, made from thick high-quality blended cotton.

Buy it now on Amazon: Plush Decorative Bathrobe for Men

men's windbreaker

23. Fashionable Floral Windbreaker

This HengJia original design is a lightweight wind-resistant jacket that is perfect for fall, spring, and those chilly summer nights. This jacket comes in several floral pattern arrangements and has a modern slim-fit.

Buy it now on Amazon: Stylish Floral Windbreaker

moon lamp

24. Realistic Moon Light Lamp

These bad boys are just flat out cool and make an awesome, unexpected gift. The guy who supposedly has everything likely has interesting lighting arrangements in his place of living, but I am betting that he doesn’t have this! This lamp is 3D-printed to perfectly resemble the moon, and can be easily charged via USB.

Buy it now on Amazon: Realistic Moon Light Lamp

world globe

25. Silver & Black Rotating Globe

These globes made by MOVA utilize solar energy to generate rotations without requiring any battery or other external power. The globe is supported by a glass stand that holds the sphere, but the inside of the sphere continuously rotates to resemble the rotations of the earth. The matte black and silver styling is perfect for any interior decorative aesthetic, and perfect for a unique gift!

Buy it now on Amazon: Silver & Black Rotating Globe

spirit infusion kit

26. Spirit Infusion Kit

Does your man love infused vodka and other spirits? This kit contains everything you need to make your own all-natural infused liquor, complete with a book containing over 70 infusion recipes! Perfect to give as a gift for any delicious spirit lover.

Buy it now on Amazon: Spirit Infusion Kit

Gin and Tonic Premium Gift

27. Gin and Tonic Premium Cocktail Set

If the man you have in mind prefers gin and tonic cocktails over infused spirits, treat him to this premium gin and tonic cocktail set. It includes pods of flavor such as vanilla, pink pepper, quilling Ceylon cinnamon, juniper, and plenty of other botanicals to produce delicious-tasting gin!

Buy it now on Amazon: Gin and Tonic Premium Cocktail Set

spice gift set

28. Grilling Spice Set

Whether your man loves grilling meat, veggies, or tofu, a grilling spice set filled with premium flavors and rubs is the perfect give for the guy who has everything. You can never have enough grilling spices!

Buy it now on Amazon: Grilling Spice Set

cooking apron

29. Novelty Naked Man Grilling Apron

An ideal gag gift for any fitness lover or grilling enthusiast. Choose from muscular shirtless torsos to, well, less fit bodies printed onto grilling aprons!

Buy it now on Amazon: Novelty Naked Man Grilling Apron

picnic backpack

30. Ferlin Complete Picnic Backpack

The man who has everything probably loves to eat. He probably also loves to drink fine wine. Finally, he likely enjoys the outdoors and the age-old tradition of the picnic. This stylish and complete picnic backpack contains everything one needs for the ultimate picnic, including a cooler compartment, detachable wine holder, blanket, cutlery set, and more!

Buy it now on Amazon: Ferlin Complete Picnic Backpack

nike shoes

31. NIKE Free Flyknit Chukka Running Shoe

NIKE’s Flyknit line of running shoes also comes in a high-top style known as the Chukka, which is flashy, fun, and functional. These shoes are ridiculously light-weight and extend up to the ankle to provide both support and unique aesthetic appeal. A perfect gift for any guy who loves the gym, a sneakerhead, or anyone who loves foot comfort.

Buy it now on Amazon: NIKE Free Flyknit Chukka

jack spade bag

32. Jack Spade Men’s Leather Slim Brief

I love Jack Spade for their minimalist messenger and business bags – they last forever, are stylish and subtle, and most importantly a fantastic deal for a highly-recognized fashion brand. This particular style is ideal for everyday use to and from work, complete with a matched canvas strap and several compartments for one’s laptop, pens, and other items.

Buy it now on Amazon: Jack Spade Men’s Leather Slim Brief

black hoodie

33. Hayabusa Jiu Jitsu Comfortable Hoodie

Hayabusa is a globally-recognized name is Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts apparel and comfort. This premium zip-up hoodie is constructed for an athletic and comfortable fit, while maintaining a durable and ultra-lightweight design to provide breathability. Perfect for any lover of MMA, Jiu Jitsu, or any martial art.

Buy it now on Amazon: Hayabusa Jiu Jitsu Hoodie

420 cook book

34. The 420 Gourmet: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine

This foodie’s guide to fine cannabis-infused cuisine is a perfect gift given the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use across several states in the US. It walks the reader step-by-step through the process of creating infused butters, oils, salads, and other methods that will later be incorporated into a delicious-tasting meal.

Buy it now on Amazon: The 420 Gourmet: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine

oil infuser

35. Ultimate Essential Oil Mister

Your man who has everything probably loves great smelling things. His home probably smells incredible, he likely has a collection of fine colognes, and his kitchen most definitely smells of delicious fine dining. However, what he probably doesn’t have is this premium essential oil mister complete with 8 essential oils, including eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, and many other delicious scents.

Buy it now on Amazon: Ultimate Essential Oil Mister

coffee protein

36. Coffee Protein Powder Mix

CLICK makes a coffee protein powder made from real gourmet espresso beans and premium-made coffee, perfect for morning breakfast shakes. This mix is designed to help assist in weight loss, achieve fat burning, and boost energy. A perfect gift for any coffee or fitness lover, with thousands of 5-star reviews to boast!

Buy it now on Amazon: CLICK Coffee Protein Powder Mix

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