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While regular workout sessions do a great deal in promoting muscle growth, if our bodies are not consuming nutritious meals to aid the muscles during their healing and recovery process, all our time spent working out is in vain. MenStyleFitness has therefore dedicated this section of the site to promoting healthy eating habits that will cultivate an environment in which our bodies can grow.

Healthy eating and restrictive eating are not the same, and only one approach to nutrition helps us to achieve the body we are seeking. A healthy eating regimen calls for a balanced approach to food, allowing ourselves to mildly indulge on occasion, while maintaining a balanced diet long-term. Many people who strive to be health-conscious with their diet set themselves up for success by meal-prepping, and in some cases cooking enough food to last an entire week. This makes it easier to monitor food intake, saves money that would otherwise be spent eating out, and saves time.

Did you know that being too restrictive when it comes to the intake of fat or sugar can be detrimental to your metabolism? This level of restriction not only deprives us of certain levels of nutrients we need, but makes us miserable and increases the chances of relapse. The solution calls for a balanced approach to nutrition and healthy eating, encouraging us to intake a variety of fruits, veggies, and proteins. Oftentimes the biggest culprit of a poor nutrition plan is portion size. Many Americans are so accustomed to consuming too much food, so regardless of whether the food is healthy or not, this practice is still considered unhealthy.

We can all make improvements when it comes to adopting healthier eating habits, and one way to do this is to learn new healthy recipes. By incorporating high protein foods into our recipes, we can supply our muscles with nutrients necessary for recovery, while still being able to enjoy a delicious meal. Although spinach, broccoli, and lean chicken are easy and healthy wins, eating these same meals every day can be tiresome and boring. MenStyleFitness heavily aligns with the mantra that healthy habits should be fun, which is why we want to bring you a diversity of exciting, inexpensive, and high-quality recipes you can make at home.

No men’s fitness publication is complete without protein shake recipes, which we are in full supply of. It is our goal to recommend the best protein brand choices for the recipe, helping you to discover a tastier approach to consuming protein. From chocolate peanut butter shakes to strawberry banana smoothies, MenStyleFitness delivers the tastiest protein smoothies for your nutrition benefit.

Along with helping you to discover new, healthy meals to create in the privacy of your own home, it is also our goal to help teach you other healthy eating techniques such as when to eat. Timing matters significantly when it comes to leveraging our intake of healthy foods to support our workouts, and eating at inappropriate times can disrupt this flow. Did you know that the best time to absorb protein necessary to rebuild muscles is within 15-30 minutes post workout? Timing your meals matters before your workouts too – large amounts of food consumed right before hitting the gym can leave you feeling sluggish and overly full, holding you back from performing your best.

MenStyleFitness does not follow the archaic calorie-counter consumption structure. This is for one primary reason – not all calories are created equal. We dismiss the outdated mantra that you must take in fewer calories than you burn to lose weight. The fact of the matter is this: what you eat in relation to your personal fitness goals is the single most important factor. The quality of calories consumed in relation to the workout plan will determine your success, however you decide to measure it.