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bluechew review

Can’t get it to stand? You certainly need a hard-on boost.

Erectile dysfunction is very frustrating for men who want to have sex but struggle when they need to maintain an erection. It’s a common cause of marriage and relationship problems. And Adult Love Toys are a brilliant place to find sex toys as they have so many awesome toys to choose from.

There’s a popular product in the market called BlueChew, which can be purchased via online subscription. These chewable blue tablets have been considered a “better” erectile dysfunction medication by some.

Before we do a hard sell on this popular ED medication, here’s what you need to know about improving your sex life and testosterone replacements from NovaGenix.

Why You Need ED Medication

According to the American Journal of Medicine, 18 million men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction in the United States alone.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine also made a study in 2013 suggesting that younger men are also affected by ED. Researchers found that 26 percent of adult men under 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Age and lifestyle factors affect male potency. While some take the necessary supplements to avoid such, others just need the blue pill.

BlueChew: the Best Blue Pill?

bluechew review

BlueChew is a chewable blue pill that is prescribed to men who suffer from ED. Its effects are as effective as popular drugs such as Viagra and Cialis.

The tablets can be considered a chewable version of Viagra or Cialis since it uses the same active ingredients. Most would prefer a chewable tablet since the body dissolves it faster than a solid tablet.

This allows the Sildenafil and Tadalafil to make the blood flow better just when your partner is ready to do the deed. It not only helps in the erection process but it stays that way throughout.

The company operates through an online subscription service that will connect patients with doctors. Men who suffer from ED just need to subscribe online so they can receive the necessary treatment. A team of in-house physicians will assess you and give you the recommended BlueChew intake tablets that will work best for your current state.

The best part is that BlueChew values privacy as you can order it online discreetly as compared to showing your prescription to a local pharmacy.

How Convenient is BlueChew?

BlueChew eliminates the hassles of having to visit a doctor’s office just to secure an ED prescription. You can easily get everything you need online.

You need a prescription to purchase BlueChew, but you can get one easily online without an in-person doctor’s visit and you can get a customized treatment plan to match your specific needs.

Wondering where you can get your BlueChew tablets? Enjoy a free month of BlueChew subscription by clicking here.

What are BlueChew tablets made of?

We have mentioned earlier about Sildenafil and Tadalafil but what are they?

These two are the active ingredients used in the manufacturing of Cialis and Viagra. Both formulas are known to promote blood flow. They have become available for generic use, particularly in the making of BlueChew tablets.

Both ingredients are fast-acting and encourage blood flow, which the penis needs to function well. It has helped with Erectile dysfunction treatment and improved sexual performance in men.

To see which one you need more, you can check which one you need more in this link: and

How Effective are BlueChew Tablets?

The effectivity of taking BlueChew depends on how the body reacts to the drug. Some may experience its effects faster while it may take some time in others.

Physical conditions may also play a role in how effective BlueChew will be. Doctors usually recommend a person to take the tablet 30 minutes to an hour before engaging in sexual activity.

Does BlueChew have side effects?

BlueChew also has its minor side-effects associated with Sildenafil and Tadalafil in ED medications. These active ingredients are safe if taken on a prescription level.

The usual side effects of. BlueChew is headaches, nasal congestion, or prolonged erections. These side effects are also common in Cialis and Viagra though only a small percentage of BlueChew users experience them.

BlueChew Review: Pros and Cons

bluechew review


  • Getting prescription meds for erectile dysfunction is convenient.
  • Medication is prescribed by physicians to assure their safety.
  • Chewable and fast-reacting
  • It has the same active ingredients as popular drugs.
  • Tablets are wrapped individually which makes it easy to carry.
  • Ordering is easy and discrete


There much negative feedback out there about BlueChew yet, however, these factors may cause issues for some:

  • BlueChew as a prescription drug isn’t FDA approved yet despite all its ingredients being FDA approved individually.
  • It operates on a subscription basis meaning you are either locked into terms or may have to pay the monthly rate even when no longer need ED medication.
  • Also has the same side effects as other ED medications

Where to Buy BlueChew

You can get started with BlueChew from the company’s official website. Buying it is a fairly straightforward process. You will be required to fill out a basic form with some personal and payment information before you can buy it and will be asked for ID. In some states, you will also need to do a short video consultation. You also have to choose the subscription plan you want, and there are a few options available.

BlueChew Price

BlueChew has a flexible program that allows a person to subscribe to a monthly plan corresponding to your prescription.

BlueChew Subscription Plans:

bluechew review
  • Active: 6 10mg tablets of Sildenafil/ 4 6mg tablets of Tadalafil
  • Busy: 10 10mg tablets of Sildenafil/ 7 6mg tablets of Tadalafil
  • Popular: 17 10mg tablets of Sildenafil/ 14 6mg tablets of Tadalafil
  • Pro: 34 10mg tablets of Sildenafil/ 28 6mg tablets of Tadalafil

Choosing a plan should be according to prescription, current physical condition, and desired sexual activity. It’s recommended that you start with the lowest package first for trial and error. You can upgrade your plan if the desired results are achieved.

Still have questions? Check out more BlueChew FAQs by clicking here.


BlueChew isn’t a bad deal if you look at it. They have excellent service and have proven to help men the same way Viagra and Cialis do. Having a chewable tablet to solve erectile dysfunction has given men an easier way to cope with their hormone condition and improved their sexual performance. However, if this supplement does not do it for you, then you may try hormone replacement therapy. You can learn more about it by visiting sites like Although there are supplements like Herpagreens that can treat the common symptoms of herpes, it is still important to remember to practice safe sex.

Its overall reputation has been mostly positive as many have claimed it to be the best ED solution they have taken thus far. Its convenience and low cost make it one of the best options in the market.

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