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For many of us who go to the gym several times a week, or in some cases every day of the week, it makes sense to invest in high-quality wear that will last through the thick and thin. Like workout supplements, men’s workout clothing is designed for a multitude of purposes – from weight training and resistance workouts, to cardio exercise and swimming. Here at MenStyleFitness, it is our goal to help you find the best men’s workout apparel for your fitness needs.

If you go to the gym looking good, chances are that you will physically outperform yourself had you decided to wear frumpy, ugly clothing. Did you know that when people are confident in the way they look, they usually perform better at the task at hand? In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, researchers found that the clothing people wear influences behavior and attitudes due to the symbolic meaning these articles hold. Have you ever felt more empowered simply wearing lifting gloves compared to those days you accidentally left them at home? These feelings are likely attributed to this phenomenon, and can be especially true for completing hard workouts by assisting with mental endurance. Although the material you wear on your body might not directly contribute to an increase in strength, looking in the mirror and feeling confident in your appearance is often the extra push we need to get through those hard sets.

There are several general rules one should follow when it comes to men’s gym attire. Your workout clothing should always be breathable and comfortable, allowing your body to cool itself down without any material acting as a barrier. Your gym wear should be fitted – baggy clothing is dangerous when lifting weights as it can get in the way and cause you to drop your weights. Finally (and most importantly), your activewear should be articles you enjoy wearing, and should make you feel good about how you look while exercising. Successful fitness enthusiasts do not view working out as a chore, and thus they try their best to make all aspects of working out as enjoyable as possible.  Have you ever felt self-conscious, out of place, or underdressed in other aspects of your life due to your clothing decisions? Going to the gym is no different. By taking away the distraction of self-consciousness and replacing these feelings with confidence in appearance, we can all improve the way we approach personal fitness.

MenStyleFitness has dedicated this section of the website to outlining the latest and greatest in men’s activewear. We fully understand the effects what we wear to the gym can have on performance, and it is one of our missions to help our readers realize how they can harness men’s gym apparel to improve fitness performance. We don’t want our readers to waste their time and money investing in expensive, and oftentimes low-quality men’s athletic wear. We also aim to bring attention to gym wear that is sometimes overlooked, and could prove beneficial to the regular gymgoer.

Our goal is to also keep our audience safe during their workout routines. Many apparel items are not designed for gym wear use, and for good reason. For example, rubber shoes with individualized digits might be good for running training, but are considered dangerous when worn to the gym due to the possibility of weights falling on them. Many people are also unaware that t-shirts that are 100% cotton are not designed to be used in gym settings – they quickly absorb sweat and do not easily release it through evaporation. This can unfortunately cause skin irritation and chills. By covering what not to wear to the gym, we aim to provide solutions to these common men’s fitness apparel problems.

We do not believe that men’s fitness apparel needs to be overly expensive, nor do we think you are necessarily sacrificing quality when going with a product that is not name-brand. There are numerous men’s workout clothing brands that provide stylish workout gear at unbeatable costs, but are often dwarfed by the Nikes and LuluLemons of this world. We aim to bring light to the high-quality products that are cost-efficient and stylish, to save you money and keep you looking great.

We design our articles first and foremost for our readers – to help improve their workout experiences and create an enjoyable and exciting journey to personal fitness goal achievement. Therefore, we deeply appreciate content suggestions, recommendations, or feedback from our audience members. Do you have any suggestions or want us to review specific men’s fitness clothing items? Do you have complaints about activewear articles you already own? We would love to hear them, and respond with any reviews to help other gym enthusiasts find the best exercise clothing out there. Because when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you lift even better.