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Do you want to spend less time in the gym while simultaneously seeing better results?

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Are you interested in maximizing your workouts to reap the greatest returns? While it is easy to fall into the trap of doing the same workout routines every time we hit the gym, it is important to keep our bodies guessing by switching up our routines on a regular basis. Fitness plateaus are commonplace for many regular gymgoers, and this is often attributed to performing the same workouts during every gym session.

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MenStyleFitness is determined to bring our readers fresh workout inspiration that will not only keep exercising entertaining, but will maximize the return on the amount of time invested at the gym. Not knowing where to begin or how to start working out is a major barrier to fitness entry for many people, so it is our goal to meet our audience members at all levels and provide easy, go-to resources and fitness tips.

Most people have varying goals when it comes to personal fitness. From gaining mass and cutting fat, to slimming down entirely, these goals require different workout plans designed specifically to achieve them. Most individuals also have limited daily or weekly bandwidth to dedicate to personal fitness, so to address these various situations, MenStyleFitness offers a diversity of exercise programs fit for a wide range of day splits. So, whether you go to the gym every day, or you are only able to work out 3 times a week, we’ve got you covered.

If you are searching for a workout routine for men and you do not know where to start, you can begin by asking yourself the following question: within reason, how many days each week do I know I can dedicate to working out? Is it an average of four days? Is it possible to go every day, setting aside one possible “cushion” day? This will determine which type of workout split you should pursue, and from there you can narrow down by personal fitness goal. You can then ask yourself: do I want to build lean muscle mass while slimming down and cutting fat? Do I want to bulk up and aggressively gain muscle mass while simultaneously cutting fat? These questions will help you to discover which gym workout plan is right for you. Plans with little to no cardio and high-weight, low-rep workouts are designed to build mass. Conversely, plans that incorporate a moderate amount of high intensity cardio with a medium-rep medium-weight resistance training are likely designed for someone who is going for a leaner physique.

Like most health plans, these exercise programs are not effective without a healthy diet and the right supplements to provide support during muscle development. As the saying goes – abs are made in the kitchen. MenStyleFitness strives to always tie workout routines back to the bigger picture – men’s physical fitness and health on a holistic level.

It is also exciting and motivating to track your own personal progress when starting any workout program. You can do this by taking selfies on a daily or weekly basis to document your progress. If you are using cardiovascular indicators as signs of performance, you can also race yourself and track improvement in completion time. Most gyms also have trainers who will measure your body mass index for you for free. It would be wise to take advantage of this right as you are beginning your fitness journey so you can track any changes that occur over time.

Goal setting is also important when beginning a new gym workout plan. You can do this by incrementally increasing your lifting weight every week or so, setting a long-term goal to hit a certain weight limit. You can also set personal fitness goals such as weight loss benchmarks or muscle gain thresholds, keeping track of your progress and always rewarding yourself when you meet these goals.

Setting a reasonable workout schedule is also a crucial step in setting yourself up for success when taking on a new workout plan. All in all, if you are hitting the gym close to every day of the week, you only require about an hour of gym time at most if you are efficient. While an hour doesn’t sound like a long time, ensuring that you have time set aside every day to dedicate to your new workout plan makes all the difference. Timing also matters when planning your food intake. For example, if you are an early riser and enjoy working out in the morning, you should plan on consuming high-quality lean protein within 30 minutes following your workout. Simple cereal and milk will not suffice in this case, thus potentially requiring you to meal-prep for breakfast.

Finally, for those days that you cannot make it to the gym or are in a time crunch, MenStyleFitness aims to provide you with lucrative home workout ideas. Some movement is better than nothing at all!